See the  video for Ma Fi Ma’ani 2018:


Coming all the way from Haifa City, music producer Moody Kablawi is diving deep into a novel fusion of Trip Hop , Disco and Jazz.  

He released his first EP “Mazaji” at 15 that was dealing with social and political topics from a Palestinian born and raised inside Israel. He toured Europe and the USA with different ensembles in his late teens and has put together numerous music and creative projects.

In 2017, Moody performed for the first time as a one-man show showcasing 2017’s album “Shashi” (“Screen”), which is from his own production, at the inaugural Palestinian Music Expo in Ramallah and on stages in Switzerland, Berlin and London.

After releasing his 2018 music video “Ma Fi Ma’ani”, Moody started to develop his own funky sound.
In 2019, Moody released “Mali Mal” (GOT NO MONEY) music video shows a pixelated Kablawi walking through pixelated streets, as he experiences a different vision of his surroundings due to his Nystagmus Horizontal – often called ‘dancing eyes’ due to it causing involuntary eye movement.
In the same year, he has moved to Berlin where he is currently working on a new Disco EP touching 80’s sounds and techno elements performing with his vocoder diving deep into the sound of Electro with his middle eastern touch.